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Why are physically attractive people given special treatment by society?

This is true not only on the dating scene, but in all arenas. Studies have actually shown that parents treat attractive children better than they treat unattractive children, teachers give better grades to attractive students than they do to unattractive students, attractive people get more job promotions than unattractive people, and attractive people are acquitted of crimes more often than unattractive people. Don't get me wrong. I can understand why attractive people would get more dates than unattractive people, since sexual attraction is very important when it comes to dating and mating. However, why do attractive people have so many advantages in so many other areas of life? After all, giving so many advantages to physically attractive people isn't always necessarily advantageous for the people giving them the advantages. Not only that, but why are people being rewarded for hitting the genetic jackpot? After all, it's not as if they worked for it or earned it. Being beautiful is

Why are physically attractive people given special treatment by society?
has to do with eye appeal, and hardwiring. Men notice large breasts, nicely shaped derieres, etc. Women notice either cute boyish features or muscles, size, etc. Sex appeal, respect. We naturally tend to love and admire beautiful things--who feels sorry for a person who is gangly and unattractive and socially outset, when you can feel sorry for the pretty young girl with the sunny smile--who dies suddenly.

Ive found that some people have an inner light that is so bright you cant help but notice and not judge, but this is rare.

I think its mostly about appeal like strength and height for men, and breasts and buns for women, and facial beauty for both sexes of course.

Concepts like reincarnation suggest that we get what we need to advance spiritually, so by this philosophy we do choose our looks!
Reply:Let me say first, you seem to have put much thought into your question. Simply put, people respond more positively to things of a pleasant nature than not. Would the typical person prefer to be surrounded by delightful blooming flowers, luscious green grass, and trees w/ branches swaying in the wind or by a baron desolate scenery? The same applies when it comes to giving esthetically pleasing individuals advantages in life (as you stated often times not deserved). How many times have you interacted w/ that individual so pleasing to the eye it makes you ache? Yet once you realized the personality or even their demeanor did not mirror the outward shell, how quickly did your opinion change? Riddle me this, which is stronger the cactus or the rose, one all prickly with thorns, the other with thorns but beautiful blooms being the first thing to draw ones eye? Which might benefit one more in the long run? The one that was pleasing to most of our senses or the one that can provide us a means to stay alive? What's more advantageous is not what first drives an individual to action. Now that I've waxed philosophical, if you care to review opinions based on scientific research, check out or other such sites.
Reply:cuz jmen enjoy watching me..
Reply:Sometimes we only see the positive side to what we think "good looking' people are going through.

I used to get away with more things when I was younger and "attractive" then I do now that I am getting old.

Even attractive people have to grow spritualy or they will be miserable when they get old.

I used to have a friend that was a high-fashion Vouge quality model.She often feel in love with men who didn't care for her at all they only wanted to be seen in her company.She had very low self-estem as far as men were concerned.

Humans basically have to go through the same experiences in life, some just get a head start from their looks.
Reply:Because it's not a set up, there is no 'father' type god ensuring fair play. You are the culmination of all your ancestors going way back each choosing the best mate they could get to make a better offspring, you. OK, maybe they weren't the sharpest tools in the box but you aren't all covered in fur and craving bananas (are you?) The marvel is that in this ruthless quest to build a better mousetrap Humanity has developed its own rules and principles of fairness and equality (and creator myths) that it willfully imposes on the world in spite of the fact that Science is correct and inevitably will have to impose Eugenics and turn away or not accept many who are not 'figuratively' already on this life boat (Earth) as it can only hold so many.
Reply:It is easier when your attractive most of the time but not all the time. I've heard some of my employers say that they like having attractive people around them because it makes them look good also. Plus attractive people attract people to them which makes things easier.

When it comes to dating they come to you , you don't have to go to them. So yes it helps a lot with dating also. The only people I run into that give you hard time about it is feminist and jealous people, but I can understand why most of the time and it doesn't bother me.

Being beautiful doesn't do it all, you still have to work. Plus you have to put up with people that puts you up on a pedestal in a sense and then looks up to you or down at you depending on how they feel about themselves. It's not always nice.

Some beautiful people are snobs and others aren't, the ones that aren't thinks everyone is beautiful and treats them as such.
Reply:Because nature has set it up that way. Beautiful features usually mean that you are probably healthy and will probably reproduce the same way. This is why it we view people as beautiful on the outside and there is nothing we can do to change our views. Also beautiful people are probably looked at as better value to company advertisement.
Reply:Because of biology....its in our nature to favour more attractive people as we have primal instincts that tell us they have better genes than less attractive people and would breed healthier children. Look it up on the net somewhere. Just harsh reality. People cannot help it.
Reply:Due to the gift of Sight...We tend to get attracted to people who are good-looking...and thus, preferential treatment....
Reply:Because regardless of what people think humans are still first and foremost animals and what we find attractive influences us more than our reason and or or rationality.

Your second question is basically asking if that's fair. Nature isn't fair, human nature isn't fair, it is what it is. Over time we can change natural habits to be more moral but that's a very slow process
Reply:it is presumed their genes are superior therefore you can breed with them to make superior babies.... in the absence of breeding rights.... it is a case of living in hope of breeding with them.....


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