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Do people gravitate towards certain people rather than other's?

know it's a good thing, but why do people gravitate towards some people, what I mean, is people will find themselves comfortable around me, and talk to me, strike up a conversation,I mean I love it but I notice that everyone don't encounter that as often.Some people complain how it is hard to meet people and so on..Anyone have an explanation why some people gravitate some people rather than others?

Do people gravitate towards certain people rather than other's?
I get that a lot too, but be careful because you can attract the wrong people who will do more harm then good.

I think people can sense genuine people because it is so rare to meet someone that is real.
Reply:It is because of our intellect and innate power. God has chosen a handful of us to be the Captains of Destiny. My Son, you have Discovered your true calling. We will be in touch.
Reply:You emit a positive energy that people find familiar and comforting.
Reply:think of celebrities... millions of people gravitate towards them. people will stand there for hours just to get a glimpse of them.

being physically attractive helps. especially with boys!
Reply:I believe in reincarnation and i truly think the reason we are drawn to others is because we recognize them from a past life... have you ever wondered who the people in our dreams are? is it possible for our imaginations to construct such detailed images? I don't think so...
Reply:yes we do gravitate towards certain people. ITs like a comfort zone. We usually go towards those type of people that are like what our parents have taught us what love is.
Reply:people tend to gravitate to charismatic people..

why I really dont know..
Reply:In your case, I assume you have an outgoing personality. You project the image of a person who is approachable. People feel comfortable walking up to you and starting a conversation.

Not everyone has those qualities. Some people are naturally suspicious of others. They project an image of distrust. Consequently, they are viewed as being less approachable. This doesn't mean that are bad people. The message they seem to send might be because of their home environment. Maybe they come from an environment (ghetto) where it's not wise to be appear approachable. So they adopt the image that serves to protect them in the environment they predominantly find themselves in.
Reply:Yes... some people have a knack at talking without making others feel dumb, or unimportant. Sometimes, it is in the smile. And those who don't speak of others in a bad manner are more likely to have more friends. you are probably cute and friendly and just a good hearted person..... that's why people find you comfortable.
Reply:You apparently are one of the lucky blessed with the "friendly" gene.
Reply:i think it comes down to how they present them selves, if someone is walking looking down and obviously not wanting to talk then they wont be giving out the signals that they want to be spoken to, whereas if someone is looking confident about themselves people tend to gravitate towards them.
Reply:thatwhattowndoes makes the people rotate like planets fight it if you can dont want to go to fast do things right this time around i would hope it is for life no Bs
Reply:Simple - people like people who are like themselves and avoid those they perceive as threatening or strikingly different.
Reply:They would rather keep to themselves, are too shy, or are scared/intimidated by someone.
Reply:Maybe you are just a friendly person and they can detect that. Body language says a lot about a person. Maybe you give off something that says you are easy to talk to. Maybe you smile at them and that will make someone comfortable. I myself try to smile at everyone. Some are nice and smile back or start to talk and others just frown and walk away. We also gravitate to people we have something in common with.
Reply:yeah, some people are simply more approachable then others. i too get that alot. i'll be at the store, looking at clothes and people i dont know will walk up to me and start talking. once i was buying a vacum cleaner and a woman walked up and talked for like 30 minutes! my friend on the other hand is the opposite. she doesnt look very friendly and so no one gravotates to talk to her.
Reply:Yer for sure. People tend to gravitate towards people who have a positive outlook on life or a sunny disposition. If you give out the vibe that you enjoy talking, people will enjoy talking to you. If you are a confident person, people will want to discover what it is that makes you so confident and self assured. People love to laugh so if you consider yourself funny, chances are youll have a lot of friends who enjoy it when you make them laugh. Oh yer and it helps if you are good looking too.
Reply:some people are more "approachable" it's a personality thing... can't really explain it all that well, but you've probably noticed that it's easier to start a conversation with someone who's confident than someone who lacks confidence but it's also easier to start a conversation with someone who's quieter rather than someone who's always trying to steal the limelight and draw attention to themselves.

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